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Advertising photo for the July art show at MAN Gallery in Winnipeg, Manitoba

“Seeking Perspective” Exhibition

Opening Reception July 5, 2024 6-9pm
210 Gallery, 210 Princess St., Winnipeg, Manitoba

 Seeking perspective is a theme that I keep exploring. Sometimes it is perspective about my place in the natural world, other times it is about my place withing the context of my ancestors.  These pieces are exploring my search for perspective within the events that are going on in our present day.  How do I digest the bombardment of news – are things improving or getting worse overall? Is our anxiety really anything new?  How did we get here?  What are ways we can make things better for everyone?  Are we using the lessons we have learned so recently, or are we just carrying on and trying to forget?

How does one seek perspective in our world of so much information, misinformation and disinformation? Is there more dire news than hopeful news?  I seek perspective through reading books.    A significant thing that is helping me maintain a healthier sense of perspective is “Fix the News”, an on-line newsletter dedicated to covering good news developments in the world and its accompanying pod-cast “Hope is a Verb.” This is perhaps the most impactful thing I have found that influences my perspective.

I see this body of work asking more questions rather than offering answers.  Yet, hints of my opinions can be found in the subject matter, the materials used, and perhaps most importantly, in the very act of creating.  The frames, made from windows, come from the attic of a friend. Their discovery gave me the inspiration for the theme, and initially the title was “Through a Window Darkly”, but my perspective has changed since 2022!