Art Workshops

Gel-plate printing and collage-making art workshops for all ages
Manitoba, Canada

I offer in person art workshops in Manitoba (and beyond) for printmaking with a gel-plate. Numerous projects are possible using the collection of prints. The most popular projects are books and murals.

These workshops are also available on-line to individuals and groups.

As a registered member of the Manitoba Arts Council, I am able to apply for grants for teachers/schools interested in being a partner with me. I conduct hands-on arts enriched learning experiences for students of all ages. With my classroom experience, I am comfortable with customizing my workshops and projects to the specific needs of the classroom and school.

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“I am not a good artist, but gel-plate printing makes us all good artists.”

Grade 6 student

Printmaking Projects

Book Workshops

Participants create a collection of 20-plus mono-prints using acrylic paint and a variety of texture/pattern makers. Collaged images are made using these prints, and they can then be bound in numerous ways. Contact Heather to book Art Workshops (Manitoba and beyond).

My grade twos and I loved printmaking with Heather Martens Rempel while she was our Artist in the School. The art form is easily accessible and engaging for all ages. Heather’s instruction was kind, encouraging, and well paced.  She scaffolded each step in a way that allowed grades 1-12 students to flex their creativity and experiment at each stage of the process. My students had the opportunity to create and keep a large collection of unique prints that we used for multiple art projects. Heather went above and beyond, providing additional ideas to incorporate the prints into future projects. I highly recommend Heather’s printmaking lessons for all ages!

-Megan Ellis, Grade 2 Teacher

Mural Art Workshops – Manitoba

In these art workshops, participants create a collaged image from their print collections. Each image becomes a part of a collaborative mural.

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